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Indomaret is the Circle’K of (Lembang)

Biar semua orang tau kalau di Lembang juga punya Circle’K Hahaaa 🙂

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DOWNHILL TEAM (Maju Lancar Bike Lembang)

FOR SALE MASBRO!! (Garage One2 Six)

Frame: phoenix soket

Rim belakang: shimano
Rims depan: araya
Hub belakang: formula
Hub depan: clasik
Stang: trik

Stem: clasik
Seatpost: united
Crank: clasik

::: Garage One2 Six :::
Jl. Maribaya No.116 (Kumiw – 92184204)

Maju Lancar Bike (Cijeruk – Lembang)

Maju Lancar Bike (Cijeruk – Lembang)

For some reason this place was a perfect place for us to shared the experience of sparepart and other etc bikes miscellanous. No wonder, the runners mostly asked the owner to give them an extra tips treatmen for their bikes. Yes not only the tips but the cut prices for the cools stuff hahaa.. THANKS BOSS!!

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ROAD RACE CLASSICAL CHALLENGE OF 2011 (Bandung – Lembang – Gn. Tangkuban Perahu)

We start the rides in the early sunday morning breeze at Lembang. Fresh air no traffic jam on the street makes us really loves this uptown. Jasmine cafe parking lot (Lembang)  is the aim for this ride because the place was good and its large for do the trick or practice some skids. And then for coincident we found a very massive of road racer bike from outside with curious and asking  “is there any event yet nearby?. Yes its  “ROAD RACE CLASSICAL CHALLENGE 2011 was held by a local fresh milk. Hehe were so happy and pleased because we do the skids around them!! YEAH SKIDS AND ROW..

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CREZZ GEAR BDG [ official video trailer]

Crezz Gear Bandung has done their great official video trailer

check the http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUYJrtmDCwQ